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Collaboration Technology 2.0

Ian White and Michael Pincher discuss the latest trends and technologies in collaboration software.

December 2008

  • New Category - Charades

    Michael Pincher 29 Dec 2008
  • We came up with a new category for charades over the holiday. It follows - film - play- book - etc., it's called blog. You can mime any internet site. The gesture is hands held infront of you ...

  • Bless you

    Ian White 22 Dec 2008
  • We have all said it, Bless you, Gezondheid, a votre santé, etc when someone sneezes but according to recent research:'A simple sneeze may be a tell-tale sign of sexual arousal for a select few, ...

  • Surviving a Plane Crash

    Ian White 21 Dec 2008
  • A Continental Airways 737 crashed on take-off at Denver yesterday, Twitterer @2Drinksbehind was on board. Click on the link to get the real 'inside story' or click here for the CBS coverage.This is ...

  • My 2nd Collaborative wish for 2009

    Ian White 18 Dec 2008
  • The top security dog for Microsoft in the UK has passed on these wise words for the coming Yuletide, they are all of course blindingly obvious but worth sharing nonetheless: Banks will NEVER ask ...

  • The Danish for Schadenfreude is Skadefryd

    Ian White 17 Dec 2008
  • A week ago I posed the question 'What is the Danish for Schadenfreude' when news of the 2nd Great IT Factory debacle hit the wires. Today the Wall Street Journal chronicles more of this unfortunate ...

  • Planning recovery # Tip 4 Compensate for Irrationality

    Michael Pincher 17 Dec 2008
  • History shows that humans rarely behave logically. Recent events in the financial markets is evidence to just how globally falilble we are as a species. While the design of mortgages, where ...

  • Collaboration is Top of the Pops

    Michael Pincher 15 Dec 2008
  • The Corporate IT Forum (TIF) Europe's largest blue-chip IT user group has conducted a survey into the issues most CIOs consider important for 2008. They are in order: 1) Collaboration 2) Risk ...

  • My 1st Collaborative wish for 2009

    Ian White 15 Dec 2008
  • Its that time of year, retrospective reviews, perky or pessimistic predictions and of course fanciful day dreaming for the future. I am going to add a few of my own over the coming few weeks and I ...

  • The twelve names of Christmas

    Michael Pincher 15 Dec 2008
  • An editorial mandate demands festive blogology so here is a mix of alternative names for the holiday period mixed in with most detested business expressions of 2007. On the: First day of Christmas ...

  • Planning recovery # Tip 3 Civil Unrest

    Michael Pincher 13 Dec 2008
  • In this series looking for the opportunities that may happen out of accidents rather than planned initiatives, I read today that the civil unrest in Greece has created a chance - albeit a rather ...