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August 2020

  • What defines modern software development?

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 20 Aug 2020
  • Over the last few weeks Computer Weekly has explored the topic of what it means to be a modern software developer. There are no surprises that cloud first, microservices and DevOps are among the ...

  • A-Level calculations shine a spotlight on unfair algorithms

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 13 Aug 2020
  • The fiasco with the calculations for A-Level result marks has projected the unfairness of algorithms into the spotlight. In modern society, such algorithms act as black boxes that make fundamental ...

  • Why we must prepare for a quantum impact

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 03 Aug 2020
  • If the experts are to be believed, quantum computers will radically change problem solving. IBM recently held  an event to explore the skills gap that exists between the education system and ...