Cliff Saran's Enterprise blog

October 2020

  • Mind your assets

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 28 Oct 2020
  • If there is one constant that seems to be an ailment of the tech sector it is the fact that the same problems seem to crop up time and time again. “Never reinvent the wheel,” as the saying goes. ...

  • Data reveals lack of ethics in decision making systems

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 22 Oct 2020
  • A recent survey from price comparison site,, has highlighted the subtext, which obscures a host of unfair assumptions made in the depths of computer systems. These assumptions ...

  • What really changes in this latest IBM reinvention?

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 15 Oct 2020
  • IBM’s decision to spin out its Global Technology Services business is an example of a business trying to remain relevant in the era of cloud computing. In the 1990s, the company pivoted to global ...

  • Track and trace: please call in the IT experts

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 07 Oct 2020
  • At the end of September, 15,841 cases of coronavirus, over an eight day period, were lost due to an IT glitch. The bug meant that there were long delays in contact tracing staff reaching people who ...

  • Considerations for 2021 IT budget

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 01 Oct 2020
  • With the start of the fourth quarter IT leaders are likely to be scratching their heads, to figure out where best to spend whatever IT budget has been allocated for next year. No one could have ...