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May 2011

  • Opera offers mobile emulator

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 25 May 2011
  • Mobile browser Opera now offers a mobile emulator, designed to help software developers test their apps and websites. See the Opera site for details.

  • Can Chromebooks replace PCs?

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 13 May 2011
  • ChromeOS and the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks offer people an alternative to Windows-based desktop computing. What was interesting listening to the Google execs yesterday, was the fact that they ...

  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday Update - 11th May

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 11 May 2011
  • Executive Summary With this May Microsoft Patch Tuesday update, we see a relatively small set of updates in comparison to those lists of updates released by Microsoft for the months of January and ...