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July 2010

  • IBM responds to EU mainframe investigation

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 27 Jul 2010
  • Why the EU is wrong, according to IBM...The mainframe server is a small niche in the overall, highly-competitive server landscape, but it remains a source of great value for those IBM clients who ...

  • Show me the proof

    Ian Murphy 22 Jul 2010
  • In an age of increasing computerisation there are times when we need to actually question what the computer is telling us. Take spreadsheets for example. It is not uncommon to discover that the ...

  • TIBCO Silver Spotfire pubishes BI to the Cloud

    Ian Murphy 19 Jul 2010
  • From the smallest home office business to the largest enterprise, the amount of data that businesses accumulate continues to grow. Using that information effectively is often challenging because ...

  • IBM assimilates the competition

    Ian Murphy 16 Jul 2010
  • Porting a database from one vendors offering to another has always been difficult. To try and ease the pain vendors have product porting guides, third party tools companies have products that will ...

  • The problem with Apple

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 16 Jul 2010
  • The media seems to love the iPhone and iPad. TV gadget shows, celebrities and journalists feed the hype over a new Apple product. An iPhone or iPad launch is a big event, which drives more and more ...

  • Terradata and ESRI combine to map data

    Ian Murphy 14 Jul 2010
  • At the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, CA this week, Terradata and ESRI announced a new collaboration aimed at storing business data and Geographical Information System data in the same ...

  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 13th July 2010

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 14 Jul 2010
  • Greg Lambert, Technology Director, ChangBASE AOK, looks at the potential impacts of Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday update.

  • Oracle announces BI 11g

    Ian Murphy 14 Jul 2010
  • Last week, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Business Intelligence 11g. This is a major release for Oracle and comes at a time when Microsoft and SAP have both made major announcements of ...

  • SAP and Sybase - who gains?

    Ian Murphy 08 Jul 2010
  • When SAP announced its intention to acquire Sybase in May 2010, it immediately raised a number of questions. Seven weeks on and neither side seems particularly interested in publicly talking about ...