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August 2010

  • When the cloud improves security

    Fran Howarth 25 Aug 2010
  • Through combined, integrated web and email protection, organisations will be in a better position to protect personal and sensitive corporate information from online and internal threats.

  • The BBC puts Smartphone security on test

    Nigel Stanley - Bloor Research 10 Aug 2010
  • BBC News has shown how straightforward it is to create a malicious application for a smartphone. Over a few weeks, the BBC put together a crude game for a smartphone that also spied on the owner of ...

  • UAE, Saudi and the Blackberry Security Conundrum

    Nigel Stanley - Bloor Research 09 Aug 2010
  • News that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia want to block the use of some Blackberry features rumbles on.I was interviewed for my opinions on Aljazeera TV's Inside Story by presenter ...