• February 08, 2009 08 Feb'09

    A glimpse of the future of cybercrime

    A recent report by the news channel Fox 5 claims that the RBS Worldpay data breach of payroll card data, reported back in December, resulted in a well coordinated ATM fraud in November that netted ...  Continue Reading

  • February 07, 2009 07 Feb'09

    Privacy a 21st Century Delusion

    Whether you shop for holidays or insurance, information on you is collected every time you make a purchase, use your mobile, or even give out your postcode. How do we balance our desire for ...  Continue Reading

  • February 06, 2009 06 Feb'09

    Networking Derailed...

    So Cisco is the latest of the networking giants to start shedding jobs; 6,700 to go, starting with 2,000. Cisco's points to the change in networking and the emergence of cloud computing as a ...  Continue Reading