When IT security costs are cut, which security product is a must?

Having trouble finding the right security product when budgets are tight? Expert Peter Wood explains which particular guidelines can help you find the appropriate technologies for your organization.

With IT security costs being cut and threats increasing, what would be the best single product/device investment for a corporate network to increase security?
This is impossible to answer without knowing more about what business you are in, your existing network infrastructure, your existing security controls and so on.

Therefore, instead I'll recommend that you buy a copy of ISO/IEC 27002:2005 -- the Code of Practice for Information Security -- and use this as a checklist to determine what is missing and what you need to do.

This document of information security guidelines and general principles has been invaluable to me to help clients determine their existing security posture and prioritise their planning. The Code of Practice is available to purchase from BSI.

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