How to enable a local keyboard after an RDP connection

In an expert Q&A, Peter Wood explains how to enable a local keyboard active on a server after an RDP connection from another host.

How can I enable a local keyboard active on a server after a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection from another host?
If you are using the Remote Desktop Protocol to remote control a workstation, then the local keyboard and screen will be disabled. If you need a local user to participate, try using Windows Remote Assistance rather than an RDP connection. Remote Assistance is a Windows feature that allows a user to resolve troubleshooting issues by temporarily controlling a remote computer over a network or the Internet.

If you are connecting to a Windows Server, then your RDP session will be a Terminal Services session, which allows users to access applications and data over a network. In this case, a local user can still log on for a local session (although they will be separate sessions).

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