Understanding virtual desktop infrastructure

A U.K. guide on virtual desktop infrastructure and its impact on cost savings, Windows 7 migration, cloud computing adoption and environmentally sustainable IT.

Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor

There are several benefits to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), such as similar provisioning of new desktops and reduced downtime if a server or client fails. There are also several disadvantages, however, which include possible high costs for complex deployments and management and potential security risks if the network is not managed correctly.

Get the latest VDI tips, news, and expert responses with this guide on virtual desktop infrastructures.

VDI news and articles

Microsoft, Citrix lure VMware customers with cutthroat promo
Bridget Botelho, News Writer | 24 March 2010
Microsoft and Citrix are offering free Microsoft VDI and XenDesktop licenses to IT shops that are willing to drop VMware View.

Misuse of VDI: Citrix explains why one size does not fit all
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 26 Feb 2010
Citrix drops the marketing hype and explains what virtual desktop strategies works best for certain types of user, along with why the term VDI should be buried.

Getting up to speed on desktop virtualisation
Dale Vile, Contributor | 26 Feb 2010
According to the founder of analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, 2010 is not a bad time for businesses to get up to speed on VDI.

Comparing VDI solutions: VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop
Mike Laverick, Contributor | 23 Feb 2010
When choosing a virtual desktop infrastructure solution, consider the technical and licensing features in VMware and Citrix's offerings for the virtual data centre.

Six virtualisation predictions for 2010
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 17 Feb 2010
What's the next big thing in virtualisation management? Vizioncore's vice president of EMEA explains what's hot and what's not.

Virtual desktop trials soar as technology improves
Margie Semilof, Executive Editor | 17 Feb 2010
Better technology has sparked vigorous virtual desktop proof-of-concept activity. But will trial spur adoption? Gartner predicts end-user uptake to reach 5 million this year.

Maximising cost savings with VDI: Helpful hints
Andrew Cross, Contributor | 06 Oct 2009
Deploying virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can bring cost savings to your organisation, but you must make informed choices when selecting a VDI product to see these benefits.

VDI tips

Virtual desktop infrastructures and the private cloud
Brad Maltz, Contributor | 06 April 2010
The private cloud could help increase the popularity of virtual desktop infrastructures, but the complexity of DaaS requires a standardised approach. Can you manage it?

VDI: How to deliver environmentally sustainable IT Chris de Silva, Contributor | 14 Jan 2010
Combining VDI and UC can drive down power consumption, introduce remote working and reduce your carbon footprint, according to this expert.

Simplifying VDI implementation: Combining Citrix and Microsoft
Greg Shields, Contributor | 13 Jan 2010
Combining Citrix XenDesktop with Hyper-V and other Microsoft offerings eases VDI implementation by solving problems such as application compatibility.

The benefits of combining VDI and unified communications
Chris de Silva, Contributor | 12 Jan 2010
By combining virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with unified communications (UC), organisations can lower costs and meet green IT objectives. An expert discusses.

Assessing your IT infrastructure for desktop virtualisation
Tom Nolle, Contributor | 24 Feb 2010
Enterprises are increasingly using desktop virtualisation for centralised application management. Make sure to remember performance and storage requirements when making VDI plans.

Simplifying Windows 7 rollouts with a virtual desktop deployment
Brad Maltz, Contributor | 24 Feb 2010
The maturation of desktop virtualisation is helping enterprises manage their IT environments, migrate to Windows 7 and ease into cloud computing.

Private clouds, desktop virtualisation offer data security, flexibility and ROI
Rupert Collier, Contributor | 18 Dec 2009
Combining private clouds and desktop virtualisation can help IT shops avoid the unforeseen costs and data security risks of public cloud computing models.

VMware products and features: A virtualisation overview 
David Davis, Contributor | 17 Nov 2009
Perplexed by the steady stream of VMware products? This overview dissects VMware features and product bundles and helps identify if VMware suits your virtualisation environment.

Benefitting from VDI and virtualised servers in a recession 
Cam Merrett, Contributor | 05 Nov 2009
Server virtualisation and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) reduce IT costs and provides greater ROI, helping organisations stay competitive in a recession, says a VDI expert.

How virtual desktop infrastructure can benefit business 
Cam Merrett, Contributor | 20 Oct 2009
Virtual desktop infrastructure implementation can provide significant TCO savings and deliver a more secure and flexible service, according to this expert.

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