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<class="text3"> November 2009
Stay in control
Unmanaged changes to IT systems and networks can recklessly increase risk to enterprises. The key is rolling out an accepted change management process, and sticking to it. Also in the Oct. issue: See what the Metasploit Project acquisition will do to the penetration testing market.

<class="text3">October 2009
2009 Security 7 Awards
This month, the magazine announces the winners of the Security 7 Awards, which recognize the efforts and achievements of information security practitioners. Read about 7 individuals who had made an impact on the advancement of infosec technologies, policies and practices. Also in the Oct. issue: learn 9 ways to improve application security after an incident.

<class="text3">September 2009
2009 Readers' Choice Awards: Your call on the industry's best
Once again, Information Security readers voted on their favorite enterprise security products. This year, a record 1721 voters weighed in, evaluating commercial tools in 17 different categories. Also in the Sept. issue: the truth and lies about encryption.

<class="text3">July/August 2009
Controlling privileged accounts
Because economic pressures increase the risk of disgruntled employees, it is especially important to control and secure privileged accounts. Also in the July/August edition of Information Security magazine: UTM appliances are growing popular with midmarket companies.

<class="text3">June 2009
SIMs: More than just a pile of logs
Today's SIMs have much greater functions than simple log aggregation and correlation; Diana Kelley reviews the latest features in security information management systems. Also: learn about a security pro's homegrown risk methodology that is currently being adopted by a university.

<class="text3">May 2009
Automating compliance
Automated compliance processes prevent a number of mistakes and allow corporate IT resources to be used more effectively. In the May 2009 edition of Information Security magazine, Richard E. Mackey Jr. reviews the most efficient ways to meet regulatory requirements. Also in this issue: the debate over the Cybersecurity Act of 2009.

<class="text3">April 2009
Is DLP keeping your data where it should be?
Data leak prevention (DLP) technology implementation can be challenging and costly. In the April 2009 edition of Information Security magazine, database pro Rich Mogull reveals eight tips for getting the most out of DLP. Also in this issue: learn about the state of incident response and how to integrate log management with identity management.

<class="text3">March 2009
Sky-high risk?
The benefits of cloud computing and on-demand computing are certainly attractive, but what about security? Senior technology editor Neil Roiter examines deployment challenges in this month's edition of Information Security magazine. Also in this issue: find out the five ways a midmarket company can stay secure.

<class="text3">February 2009
Budget squeeze
Have a look at Information Security magazine's yearly Priorities 2009 survey, which reveals the defenses that are on the top of security managers' list. Also in this month's edition: expert David Strom reveals ten ways to improve your threat posture in a down economy.

<class="text3">January 2009
Look who's coming to dinner
In this month's issue, Information Security magazine looks inside the makings of a security steering comittee. Who should come to the table? Also: learn how internal auditors and information security teams can find common ground.

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