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Catch up with events from Bogcaster Council


I Wantmore and the wordsmiths of e-government have come up with a grand newspeak phase to develop their careersÉ sorry, I mean symbolise public sector IT reform moving into a new and more exciting phase: "transformational government".

I assume this means a government with a tendency to turn itself inside out on a regular basis. For years the Arab world has been putting Al in front of nouns. Now we in the West are doing the same, but the prefix has become a suffix.

Anyway, enough of evolutionary linguistics, this new T-based government strategy means we in Bogcaster IT must start to share service provision with other public sector bodies.

Personally I suspect sharing IT services is a bit like sharing a bath - exciting in prospect, but very uncomfortable in reality. Moreover, the practical upper limit of participants is two (unless, dear reader, you can report personal experiences that prove the contrary).


A meeting of the team comes to the unanimous conclusion that it is a good idea for scarce IT skills and resources to be shared between ourselves and other councils and public bodies in the region - as long it is us providing the services to them.


Went to a meeting of the Bogshire IT Local Officers Strategy Team, a forum looking into the possibility of sharing IT services among the various councils and other public bodies based in the county. It soon became clear that all the members of Bitlost had come to the same conclusion as ourselves about who should actually deliver the service - ie great idea as long as they are the provider.


In a unique occurrence in modern times, I am visited this morning by councillor Ebenezar Todmorton, leader of the council. His sudden interest in IT has been sparked by a report in the local press that Bogshire County Council wants to run our IT services.

The message was clear. "Phil, I know our IT services are crap, but we are not letting those stuck-up sods from shire hall in here, understand?"

The enmity goes back to when Bogcaster City first became an independent borough in 1693.


Armed with political support, we started today to write our own sales literature. Obviously we will have to buy the business - at least to start with - but we do have at one valuable asset. I have appointed Mavis to be our new partnership development officer.

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