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By Kelly M. Stewart In Depth 20 July 2017

Travel down the nonpersistent or persistent VDI road

The difference between nonpersistent and persistent virtual desktops is more than just three letters. From deployment to storage, IT pros need to know the available options. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Blog Post 21 April 2017

Desktop virtualisation dilemmas: Solving the VDI blame game

In this guest post, Kevin Cooke, product director at desktop virtualisation software provider Liquidware Labs, explains how CIOs and IT departments can avoid playing the blame game when working out ... Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Tip 14 July 2017

A look into the VDI capacity planning crystal ball

Planning for VDI capacity is daunting. There are certain measures IT can take to better prepare, such as estimating resources and determining workflows. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Answer 03 March 2017

How does VDI on AWS work?

Amazon WorkSpaces offers several virtual desktop infrastructure configurations, enabling businesses to categorize workers into different user types to match their roles and needs. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Tip 06 July 2017

When workspace tools can stand in as VDI brokers and when they can't

For smaller companies, workspace tools, which bring users' resources into one access point, can work as VDI brokers. VMware and Citrix offer options, as well as some other vendors. Continue Reading


By Kelly M. Stewart Quiz 26 June 2017

Become an Office 365 VDI licensing pro

Licensing Office 365 for VDI is a complicated process, which often leaves IT admins twisted. Use this quiz to refresh on the key aspects of a successful deployment. Continue Reading


By Kelly M. Stewart In Depth 20 June 2017

Get into the groove of Office 365 licensing for VDI

Virtual desktops change the traditional licensing game. Office 365 typically allows for five device installs, but the rules are different in an Office 365 VDI deployment. Continue Reading


Buyer's Guide 12 June 2017

Assess and evaluate the range of VDI tools for monitoring deployments

VDI monitoring tools help admins identify where problems reside and the root causes behind them by providing load testing and capacity planning among other capabilities. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Tip 09 June 2017

How to create personal virtual desktops with nonpersistent VDI

User personalization can be hard for IT to deliver on nonpersistent virtual desktops. Layering VDI can provide the perfect amount of customization and security. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke In Depth 26 May 2017

Rounding up and diving into some of the top VDI monitoring tools

Buyers have a wide range of VDI monitoring tools to select from to effectively manage, monitor and troubleshoot VDI deployments and desktop user experiences. Continue Reading