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By Tom Howarth In Depth 24 July 2017

How to keep VDI costs to a minimum

The cost of VDI may not be as daunting as some IT pros think, thanks in large part to new storage methods and hyper-converged infrastructure. Continue Reading


Essential Guide 11 September 2017

Nonpersistent vs. persistent VDI showdown

Take a look at persistent and nonpersistent VDI, and see how they differ. Discover tips for the best deployment approaches and the terms behind it all. Continue Reading


By Kelly M. Stewart Quiz 28 August 2017

Get schooled on nonpersistent and persistent VDI

Knowing the pros and cons of nonpersistent and persistent VDI is a great place to start when becoming a VDI deployment master. Find out more with this quiz. Continue Reading


By Kelly M. Stewart Quiz 22 August 2017

Don't be a fool with VDI monitoring tools

Monitoring tools use features such as synthetic user monitoring to help IT prepare for any VDI health issues. Do you know all the monitoring strategies? Continue Reading

Manage the Infrastructure

Sponsored 13 June 2017

ABC’s of VDI in 2016

The maturation of VDI technology has made it more viable than ever. Consider the most significant advancements, and how VDI is poised to fulfill its original promise in 2016. Continue Reading


By Kelly M. Stewart In Depth 20 July 2017

Travel down the nonpersistent or persistent VDI road

The difference between nonpersistent and persistent virtual desktops is more than just three letters. From deployment to storage, IT pros need to know the available options. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Tip 12 September 2017

Hyper-convergence improves VDI storage performance

Hyper-converged infrastructure can help with VDI performance issues by bringing linear scalability to the deployment and reducing -- or even eliminating -- bottlenecks. Continue Reading

By Caroline Donnelly Blog Post 21 April 2017

Desktop virtualisation dilemmas: Solving the VDI blame game

In this guest post, Kevin Cooke, product director at desktop virtualisation software provider Liquidware Labs, explains how CIOs and IT departments can avoid playing the blame game when working out ... Continue Reading


By Colin Steele In Depth 28 August 2017

Three VDI best practices you need to know

VDI comes with challenges around graphics support, user personalization and more. Administrators should keep in mind these tips for deployment success. Continue Reading


By Tom Howarth Tip 24 August 2017

Take a walk down the VDI image management tightrope

It's easy for the number of VDI images to spiral out of control in an organization. IT can turn to app virtualization and app layering to avoid image bloat. Continue Reading