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Developer-first chat tools from Pusher

By Adrian Bridgwater 21 Nov 2017

Pusher is a developer tools company that specialises in providing what it calls 'hosted building blocks' for programmers. The company has this month released Pusher Chatkit. This is a 'specialised' ... Read More

Redgate SQL tool sniff out ‘code smells’

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Dec 2017

More and more developers are now writing SQL code as part of their roles – for example, research shows that 75% of developers now work in teams responsible for both the application and the ... Read More

Tooling up for DevOps

By Clive Longbottom 11 Sep 2017

As organisations look to DevOps for continuous development, delivery and integration of business functions, careful control is crucial Read More

UK calls for more anti-terror tools in social media

By Warwick Ashford 10 Nov 2017

The UK is calling on social media campaigns to do more to detect and remove “militant messaging” automatically, while former MI5 head issues another caution against tampering with encryption Read More

Paysafe developer payments tools drive 'checkout experiences'

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Oct 2017

There are software application development professionals in every industry from oil & gas to cake baking, obviously. There are core characteristics and functions that will bind all developers ... Read More

ICO funds first four privacy tool development projects

By Warwick Ashford 17 Nov 2017

The UK’s privacy watchdog has begun funding innovative research into data privacy tools for children and the medical and financial sectors Read More

WikiLeaks publishes code and analysis of CIA hacking tool

By Warwick Ashford 10 Nov 2017

Security experts are questioning the wisdom of WikiLeaks releasing more source code for US intelligence agency hacking tools Read More

Virtual reality as a healthcare tool

By SA Mathieson 06 Jun 2017

Virtual reality is being used as a treatment tool across healthcare, tackling issues such as mental health, phobias and chronic pain management Read More

A tenth of datacentre managers shun use of DCIM tools, survey finds

By Caroline Donnelly 19 Oct 2017

The findings of a new report by Siemens and Intel suggests datacentre managers are taking a reactive approach to keeping on monitoring and managing the health of their infrastructure Read More

Why agile teams prefer to bring their own development tools to projects

By Cliff Saran 12 Oct 2017

Why restrict a developer’s creativity and productivity with corporate standards? We explore the benefits of open source tools freedom Read More