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Tooling up for DevOps

By Clive Longbottom 11 Sep 2017

As organisations look to DevOps for continuous development, delivery and integration of business functions, careful control is crucial Read More

Paysafe developer payments tools drive 'checkout experiences'

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Oct 2017

There are software application development professionals in every industry from oil & gas to cake baking, obviously. There are core characteristics and functions that will bind all developers ... Read More

Why agile teams prefer to bring their own development tools to projects

By Cliff Saran 12 Oct 2017

Why restrict a developer’s creativity and productivity with corporate standards? We explore the benefits of open source tools freedom Read More

Virtual reality as a healthcare tool

By SA Mathieson 06 Jun 2017

Virtual reality is being used as a treatment tool across healthcare, tackling issues such as mental health, phobias and chronic pain management Read More

Kaspersky researcher in Asia develops cyber forensics tool

By Aaron Tan 06 Jul 2017

The open source tool lets cyber forensics investigators access infected machines remotely to collect malware artefacts without compromising system integrity Read More

Device Cleanup Tool Works

By Ed Tittel 04 Oct 2017

Uwe Sieber's excellent Device Cleanup Tool works like a charm to display and remove unwanted or missing Windows device drivers. Read More

Oracle opens ops-side container tools

By Adrian Bridgwater 01 Jul 2017

Oracle is open sourcing some (arguably) tasty container tools for software application development professionals and the operations staff that work with them. The database company has responded to ... Read More

Why immutable buckets are a worthy risk management tool

By Michael O'Dwyer 30 Jun 2017

Immutable buckets offer businesses benefits in terms of data compliance, backup, archiving and security Read More

Liferay puts new sting in open source web developer tools

By Adrian Bridgwater 10 Aug 2017

If there's one technical expression likely to induce nausea in most industry watchers it is (arguably) digital (or user) experience. Sometime even written as User eXperience (UX), this term is ... Read More

CIA hacking tools for Mac OS and Linux exposed by WikiLeaks

By Warwick Ashford 28 Jul 2017

WikiLeaks has exposed hacking tools targeting the Mac and Linux operating systems in the latest of its series of leaks allegedly from the US Central Intelligence Agency Read More