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By Karl Flinders News 04 May 2017

Combound uses AI tool to manage customer interactions

Global sales service provider Combound is using a platform with artificial intelligence to support its telephone-based sales teams Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 02 May 2017

Jive updates hub functionality, platform, tools & developer scope

Managers used to "manage a business", those days are gone. Now we build strategies for "deterministic outcomes" though collaboration tools and social graph big data analytics. Gulp, pardon? Yes, ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 10 March 2017

Tech firms to get first look at CIA hacking tools

WikiLeaks has promised to show tech firms details of what it claims is a leaked arsenal of CIA hacking tools to enable them to prepare fixes before any more are made public Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 19 January 2017

Carbanak shows how attackers hijack legitimate tools

Criminal gang’s abuse of Google services highlights the trend of attackers using legitimate tools to launch and manage attacks Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 08 March 2017

WhatsApp, Signal, ProtonMail safe from CIA hacking tools

Top secure messaging and email apps are said to be safe from CIA hacking tools, but organisations are urged to assess their own vulnerability if the tools were to fall into the hands of cyber criminals Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart 18 April 2017

The state of workspace tools and where they're headed

Enterprise IT can take a lesson from the Xbox One, which strives to bring home entertainment under one umbrella, by embracing the potential of digital workspaces. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly News 03 March 2017

HMRC blasted over "inaccurate" and "unreliable" IR35 online assessment tool

Public sector contracting stakeholders claim newly launched tool is returning inaccurate results over IR35 status of some public sector off-payroll workers Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders News 02 March 2017

MoD ditches spreadsheets for SaaS-based collaboration tool

The Ministry of Defence is taking advantage of G-Cloud for collaboration software to manage its global activities Continue Reading


By Jack Gold Tip 01 May 2017

How EMM tools have changed with the market

With so many EMM vendors fusing over the years, EMM suites have evolved beyond mobile device management and offer more capabilities. IT can expect to see more suite changes ahead. Continue Reading


By Sander van Vugt In Depth 01 March 2017

How to evaluate tools for configuration management

Most configuration management tools aim at the same targets, but they employ a variety of techniques to reach those targets. Continue Reading