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Telecoms industry at major tipping point

By Aaron Tan 12 Jan 2018

Communications service providers should gear up for a software-driven operations model and embrace microservices and DevOps to thrive in the digital economy Read More

Tips for automating the performance management process

By Eric St-Jean 31 Jan 2018

Whether you have a talent management suite or are doing it in documents and email, you can build a people-friendly, efficient process if you know where to put your priorities. Read More

Tips to bridge the gap between DevOps and legacy IT

By Cliff Saran 26 Sep 2017

DevOps is key to successful digital transformation programmes. But IT leaders need to work out how their legacy systems fit in Read More

Four tips for successful digital transformation

04 Jan 2018

Nicola Downing, CFO, Ricoh Europe, has some advice for those looking to help customers carry out a successful digital transformation project Read More

Digital transformation at tipping point in Singapore

By Aaron Tan 18 Jul 2017

Businesses in Singapore are fine-tuning their digital transformation efforts, with a third of them moving public cloud workloads to on-premise systems Read More

Ten hot tips on IT containerization

By Meredith Courtemanche 22 Dec 2017

Container technology didn't sit still in 2017, with maturing platforms and orchestration tools. Now more than ever, it's time to learn how to deploy containers at scale. Read More

Cloud migration planning tips: How to move data out of the cloud

By Marc Staimer 14 Feb 2018

Most people know how to move data and files to the cloud, but what happens when you decide you want your files back? Getting that data back is no easy task. Read More

Eight tips to roll a service or app into an AWS deployment

By Stephen J. Bigelow 12 Feb 2018

With dozens of services available, it can be a challenge to integrate new services or apps into an AWS deployment. Use these eight tips to get started. Read More

Four tips to manage costs in a multi-cloud architecture

By Kathleen Casey 12 Feb 2018

For some enterprises, it's difficult enough to manage and optimize the costs of a single cloud platform. And in a multi-cloud environment, those challenges only increase. Read More

Tips for buying hyper-converged systems

13 Jun 2017

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we examine the growing market for hyper-converged infrastructure - combining processing, storage and networking into an integrated design - and assess the options available to IT ... Read More