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E-Zine 30 August 2016

Get protected: The importance of security

It is not uncommon for computer systems to be compromised by a company’s own employees. In this week’s issue we look at the Sage data breach, which highlights the risk every organisation faces from its staff. Staff... Continue Reading


E-Handbook 16 September 2016

Focus: IT Security in the Middle East

In this issue, we look at the challenges facing organisations in the Middle East as they increasingly rely on digital technologies to engage with customers and citizens. We also analyse specific risks to ... Continue Reading


By Beverley Head News 06 September 2016

Identity prominent in Australian security debate

Identity is at the forefront of the cyber security debate in Australia Continue Reading


By Adrian Davis Opinion 06 September 2016

Security Think Tank: How to detect the undetectable?

How can businesses best prepare their cyber defences in light of the fact that attackers are increasingly using malware designed to evade detection and analysis? Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 28 September 2016

Splunk: secure stacks depend on collaborative architectures

Splunk has used its annual conference, symposium, exhibition, user engagement forum, technical university gathering and all-round 'if you like Splunk, then please come to this event' in Orlando ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 28 September 2016

UK National Cyber Security Centre set to launch

NCSC is due to launch officially on 1 October 2016 and will help the healthcare sector deliver consistent quality of data security Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 27 September 2016

Yahoo breach underlines need for Security Serious Week

The recently disclosed Yahoo data breach shows that no business is immune, underlining the need to raise awareness and improve practices, say the organisers of Security Serious Week Continue Reading


By Beverley Head News 25 September 2016

Australia must take cyber security opportunity

Australia may never be able to create an IT industry like that in the US, but it can lead in cyber security Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 23 September 2016

UK government partners with tech startups on cyber security

Applications are open to cyber security startups for the first of two cyber innovation centres to receive £50m over five years, as part of the government’s £1.9m National Cyber Security Programme Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 20 September 2016

Business warned not to be complacent about cyber security

Lloyds of London survey reveals just how badly some European firms are failing in terms of cyber security and low levels of awareness about the role of cyber insurance Continue Reading