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By Rob Bamforth Blog Post 07 May 2017

Email security retrospection

Keeping anything safe and secure involves multiple considerations. Avoid putting yourself in danger, put up a protective ‘shield’, detect when that is compromised, take mitigating action. When it ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 22 June 2017

Financial institutions need to rethink security, say analysts

Financial services providers need to rethink their approach to information security, according to the results of a global survey Continue Reading


E-Handbook 25 April 2017

Focus: Network security

During the course of 2016 we saw the clamour around network security – which was already very loud – reach fever pitch. From allegations of nation state-level interference in crucial elections, to massive botnet ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 19 May 2017

Neustar launches international security council

Sharing information in the face of threats such as WannaCry is crucial for organisations to improve their cyber security capability, according to Neustar, which is making it easier to do Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 12 May 2017

Five cyber security imperatives for all companies

There are five things all companies should ensure they are doing in terms of cyber security Continue Reading


By Alicia Buller News 11 April 2017

Security as a service on the rise in the UAE

Organisations in the United Arab Emirates are increasingly turning to security services Continue Reading


E-Handbook 11 April 2017

Cyber security in the Middle East

As organisations increase their reliance on IT through rapid digital transformations, the threat of cyber attack grows. It is not just western countries such as the US and the UK that are being targeted by hackers,... Continue Reading


By Aaron Tan News 05 June 2017

Singapore, Australia forge cyber security ties

The two countries will conduct joint cyber security exercises, among a raft of measures to secure critical infrastructure and bolster cyber security knowhow Continue Reading


By Maxine Holt Opinion 20 April 2017

Security Think Tank: Red teaming will benefit security mature organisations most

How can organisations use red teaming to identify security gaps? Continue Reading


By Aaron Tan Blog Post 23 May 2017

Are you still making these cyber security mistakes?

The lack of a major cyber security event is seen as one of the reasons for the indifference towards cyber security in many organisations. That event took place recently, with the WannaCry ... Continue Reading