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In Depth 24 August 2016

CW@50: Bugs, blunders and bad practices

Computer Weekly’s arrival on 22 September 1966 reflected a growing global industry and the hopes for British computing Continue Reading


Opinion 30 June 2016

Security Think Tank: Practical biometrics in the enterprise

How can organisations implement biometric authentication of users without running the risk of exposing sensitive biometric information? Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad News 20 June 2016

GDS drafts new technology code of practice

The Government Digital Service (GDS) plans to update its technology code of practice and asks stakeholders for feedback Continue Reading


By Dan McMahon Tip 30 September 2016

The new vendor governance: Challenges, best practices

How do leading IT vendor governance offices successfully adapt to a rapidly changing business environment? Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News 29 September 2016

Yahoo breach calls into question detection and remediation practices

The Yahoo breach was the largest in history and the fallout is widespread, including a lawsuit, possible SEC investigation and questions about Yahoo's breach detection and response. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche News 28 September 2016

Create habitual IT security practices for the full stack

IT security should be so ingrained in developers and infrastructure managers it becomes second nature, rather than a stopping point along the flow of application lifecycles. Continue Reading


By Lewis Richards Opinion 24 March 2016

Turn consumer technology into practical business innovation

Many organisations are missing out on the opportunities for innovating presented by everyday consumer technology Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Tip 12 July 2016

Best practices for an information security assessment

Information security assessments can be effective for identifying and fixing issues in your enterprise's policies. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the key components of the process. Continue Reading


By George Lawton News 06 July 2016

Best practices for private cloud deployment

Find out how the world's largest betting site, Paddy Power Betfair, leveraged a private cloud to accelerate application delivery. Continue Reading


By Leon Adato Opinion 06 September 2016

Automation key element in network monitoring best practices

The fundamentals underpinning network monitoring might be simple, but it doesn't mean keeping tabs on your network is easy. What can you do to improve your monitoring tool framework? Continue Reading