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By Mike Gillespie Opinion 08 November 2016

Security Think Tank: Cyber insurance a great complement to good security practice

What should organisations consider if they are to prepare for cyber insurance? Continue Reading


In Depth 24 August 2016

CW@50: Bugs, blunders and bad practices

Computer Weekly’s arrival on 22 September 1966 reflected a growing global industry and the hopes for British computing Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Tip 07 November 2016

Best practices for Exchange 2016 virtualization

Virtualizing Exchange Server is often a controversial topic. While some say it's expensive and difficult, proponents find value in it -- if done properly. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Answer 07 November 2016

What are some AWS security best practices?

Our enterprise manages staff access through AWS Identity and Access Management. How can we fine-tune the service to make our public cloud less vulnerable? Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Blog Post 10 November 2016

Digital Economy Bill code of practice aims to clarify data sharing definitions- is it enough?

The Digital Economy Bill’s data sharing code of practice aims to clarify what it means by data sharing and when it should be done, but full transparency is still lacking. Continue Reading


Opinion 30 June 2016

Security Think Tank: Practical biometrics in the enterprise

How can organisations implement biometric authentication of users without running the risk of exposing sensitive biometric information? Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad News 20 June 2016

GDS drafts new technology code of practice

The Government Digital Service (GDS) plans to update its technology code of practice and asks stakeholders for feedback Continue Reading


Tip 01 December 2016

Data obfuscation techniques: Best practices and design approaches

Expert Ajay Kumar revisits the topic of data obfuscation techniques and explores the architectures, approaches and best practices for protecting enterprise data. Continue Reading


By Ofir Nachmani Tip 21 November 2016

Go beyond best practices with AWS data replication

Data replication ensures resources are consistently available; replicating data to a separate repository further accelerates recovery. AWS provides these data repository options. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Videos 17 November 2016

An inside look into cloud EHR vendor Practice Fusion

SearchHealthIT gets an inside look into cloud EHR vendor, Practice Fusion. The company's chief medical officer discusses the benefits of the cloud and the unique workplace culture. Continue Reading