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Unprotected Kubernetes consoles expose firms to cryptojacking

By Warwick Ashford 22 Feb 2018

A number of big companies have been targeted by crytojacking attacks, where cyber criminals hijack computing power to mine cryptocurrencies, but some have unprotected Kubernetes consoles in common Read More

Oracle OpenWorld 2016: News and views

14 Sep 2016

Oracle users from around the world gather at OpenWorld 2016 this month to hear Oracle's roadmap and how the company will deliver technologies that meet their business needs. Read More

Forrester warns CIOs of cloud market consolidation risks and rewards

By Caroline Donnelly 07 Aug 2017

Market watcher's latest cloud report outlines how the consolidation of the cloud software and infrastructure market can mean good and bad news for enterprises Read More

Nokia plans job cuts in Finland

By Eeva Haaramo 19 Feb 2018

Hundreds of IT jobs are at risk in Finland as Nokia announces plans for more cuts Read More

Hong Kong, Singapore to continue datacentre bull run

By Aaron Tan 19 Feb 2018

The two Asian cities, Hong Kong and Singapore, will remain primary destinations for datacentre deployments in the APAC region for the foreseeable future Read More

The EURECA moment: Counting the cost of running the UK’s public sector datacentres

By Caroline Donnelly 20 Feb 2018

The EU-backed EURECA project has spent the past 36 months assessing the state of public sector datacentres across Europe, and is revealing what it found Read More

Cryptocurrency mining consuming more electricity than Iceland’s homes

By Karl Flinders 13 Feb 2018

Cryptocurrency mining in Iceland could use more power than all the households in the country combined Read More

News roundup: SmartBear joins MicroProfile, NGINX hits GitHub, and more

By Fred Churchville 13 Jul 2017

SmartBear has joined the Eclipse MicroProfile Group to standardize microservices development, NGINX puts their Fabric Model on GitHub and the 'as-a-service' trend gains steam. Read More

Atos investigates breach linked to Winter Olympics cyber attack

By Warwick Ashford 15 Feb 2018

IT services firm Atos is investigating a potential security breach in response to reports that employee credentials were found in malware used to target the Winter Olympics Read More

News from JavaOne 2015

26 Oct 2015

Get the latest updates from JavaOne 2015 as the conference is happening. This guide covers the highlights from this year's annual conference. Read More