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DCMS to spearhead review of UK telecoms sector

By Alex Scroxton 29 Nov 2017

The government is to embark on a landmark review of the UK’s telecoms markets to investigate how it can better support investment in future connectivity Read More

Security community urges caution on offensive cyber defence

By Warwick Ashford 30 Nov 2017

Some Nato countries are reportedly considering responding to cyber attacks with offensive cyber strikes, but security industry commentators warn of dangers Read More

TfL forges ahead with 4G for the Tube after successful test

By Alex Scroxton 28 Nov 2017

Having built a pilot 4G network for ESN on the Waterloo & City Line during the summer, TfL is pressing ahead with plans to roll out mobile broadband for all London Underground users Read More

Are you up on the latest cloud technology news?

By Kathleen Casey 24 May 2016

From outages to new features, a lot has happened in the cloud market so far in 2016. Test yourself to see if you are up to date. Read More

Gartner on the Pentagon’s ‘misconfigured’ AWS S3 bucket data leak

By Zach Emmanuel 23 Nov 2017

After details of the Pentagon’s online data collection habits came to light in the wake of its recent AWS S3 bucket leak, Gartner said web users should not be surprised to know the intelligence services are keeping... Read More

Government 5G investment must address roll-out as well as R&D

By Alex Scroxton 22 Nov 2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond announces further round of investment in network connectivity technology, with more cash for 5G and fibre broadband projects, but some say it’s time for the government to invest in ... Read More

IR35 reforms: Consultation on private sector roll-out confirmed in Autumn Budget 2017

By Caroline Donnelly 22 Nov 2017

The government has confirmed it is preparing to consult on whether or not to roll out the controversial IR35 tax avoidance reforms to the private sector Read More

Cloud Native Series: Interana on a case of the common cloud

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Nov 2017

The is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Lior Abraham in his role as founder of Interana. Interana is a specialist in interactive behavioural analytics software for ... Read More

Uber recognises need for consumer trust after breach cover up

By Warwick Ashford 22 Nov 2017

New Uber leadership has recognised the importance of consumer trust and that they never should have attempted to cover up a 2016 data breach that affected millions of customers and drivers Read More

Should manufacturing sector workers fear or welcome new information technology?

By Karl Flinders 21 Nov 2017

Report finds that manufacturers are underutilising the current industrial revolution, so should workers fear job cuts once they increase spending on technologies like artificial intelligence and ... Read More