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By Eddie Lockhart Photo Stories 30 September 2016


By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 29 May 2016

Test driving a cloud datacentre on a laptop: minimesos

As the decoupled (often services-driven) componentisation of computing continues apace, so does the proliferation of vendors aiming to deliver attuned wider tooling adjuncts to new lifeblood of ... Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 09 June 2016

F-Secure glams-up laptop security with ‘glitter nail polish’

Finnish security firm F-secure kicked off its 2016 European labs tour this week with an unusual free gift. A bottle of ‘glitter’ nail polish was handed over to all, boys and girls alike. For all ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke News 11 February 2016

Nimans moves into the laptop space

Comms distributor Nimans has decided that now the time is right to move into the laptop space Continue Reading


By Matt Schulz Answer 27 April 2016

Can tablets replace laptops in the enterprise?

They're smaller, lighter, more portable and can do just about everything that laptops can do. But enterprise tablets haven't replaced PCs -- at least not yet. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran News 04 September 2015

Smaller businesses swap traditional Windows laptops for tablets

While PC shipments continue to decline, businesses have generally stuck with Windows PC upgrades – but attitudes may be changing Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick News 07 October 2015

Microsoft launches Surface Book, its first own-brand laptop

Software giant Microsoft announces a range of new Windows 10 devices, including smartphones, a tablet – and Surface Book, the company's first laptop device Continue Reading


By Gabe Knuth Opinion 11 November 2015

For the iPad Pro to be a "laptop killer" you have to accessorize it until it becomes a laptop

Since the iPad Pro was announced, I've been quietly sitting on my hands avoiding this very article. Personally, I'm sort of over the iPad as a productivity device. Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Blog Post 18 July 2014

Technopop festival on hunt for loaned laptops

I spoke with Technopop recently about its London festival due to take place over a course of four weeks, in East London. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Tip 19 March 2015

Why every administrator needs a virtual laptop

You know the advantages virtualization brings to servers, so why not reap the same rewards by creating a virtual copy of your laptop? Continue Reading