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There's life in the old laptop yet

By Simon Quicke 29 Aug 2017

Businesses will buy laptops over the next 12 months as they look for flexibility for staff Read More

Laptop, desktop PC and mobile device strategy: Essential guide

25 May 2017

IT leaders have greater choice in end-user devices than ever before. The age of PC-only users is over - employees demand the devices that work best for the way they work, and that means getting the right ... Read More

Essential guide to laptop, desktop PC and mobile device strategy

07 Apr 2017

A guide to the latest technologies and best practice in enterprise IT strategy for laptops, desktop PCs and mobile Read More

Why I want a Windows 10 S laptop with a Qualcomm ARM chip

By Jack Madden 03 Aug 2017

Since I think this is what the future of laptop/desktop computing looks like, it’s time to jump in. Read More

Test driving a cloud datacentre on a laptop: minimesos

By Adrian Bridgwater 29 May 2016

As the decoupled (often services-driven) componentisation of computing continues apace, so does the proliferation of vendors aiming to deliver attuned wider tooling adjuncts to new lifeblood of ... Read More

Cage director found guilty of terrorism offence after refusing to disclose passwords

By Bill Goodwin 25 Sep 2017

Muhammad Rabbani, international director of Cage, is convicted of an offence under the terrorism act after refusing to disclose his mobile phone PIN and laptop password under Terrorism Act Read More

Nimans moves into the laptop space

By Simon Quicke 11 Feb 2016

Comms distributor Nimans has decided that now the time is right to move into the laptop space Read More

Backing up is not hard to do

By Aaron Tan 20 Oct 2017

When some employees at FCM Travel Solutions lost their laptops over the past year, they were able to get their data back within half an hour. “People were really happy with the kind of support they ... Read More

Questions raised over long-term ultrabook support

By Cliff Saran 27 Jun 2017

A report from Greenpeace on e-waste highlights a growing problem in the maintainability of modern laptops Read More