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By Brian McKenna News 02 June 2017

Doug Cutting, ‘father’ of Hadoop, talks about big data tech evolution

In a Q&A interview, the “father” of Hadoop, Doug Cutting, talks about the cyber-security applications of the stack, as well as Hadoop’s evolution Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Opinion 21 June 2017

Look for advances in serving the Hadoop data scientist

To date, the Hadoop data scientist has had to be a superhero. Self-service tools will change that, but not overnight. Continue Reading


By Adam Hughes In Depth 07 June 2017

Data governance tools for Hadoop infiltrate the enterprise

Be it open source or commercially available, software that ensures proper data governance in Hadoop-based data lakes is everywhere -- so how do you get the most bang for your buck? Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna News 26 April 2017

Hadoop-centric data science proves value at Danske Bank

Nordics bank Danske Bank has been using the Hortonworks distribution of Hadoop as a plank in its data science programme, which targets fraud, fills ATMs, and aims to combat customer delinquency Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman News 20 June 2017

IBM bets on Hortonworks Hadoop platform as its big data engine

IBM pulled the plug on its distribution of Hadoop in favor of reselling Hortonworks' bundle of big data technologies, a decision that reduces the number of Hadoop vendors to four. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan In Depth 12 June 2017

High-level tools help Hadoop data lake go to school

Moving relational data into Hadoop is not a slam dunk. To avert programming complexities, a major Texas school turned to commercial tools to stock the Hadoop data lake. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman In Depth 07 June 2017

Big data queries eyed to head off Hadoop performance problems

Processing in big data systems can slow to a crawl if queries are not properly tuned or workloads not well balanced -- issues that call for careful monitoring of clusters. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman In Depth 07 June 2017

Hadoop data governance takes hold in companies as data gets 'bigger'

LinkedIn, Cleveland Clinic and fitness company Beachbody are examples of organizations that have increased their data governance efforts in connection with big data applications. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 06 June 2016

No poop, Datadog loops in Hadoop

Cloud applications are built (at least they should be) for scalability and agility and movement and change. The big scoop: why cloud applications need monitoring As such, cloud applications require ... Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News 21 February 2017

Containers help move Spark and Hadoop into analytics operations

Moving custom Spark and Hadoop pilot projects into production use has proved daunting. But container technology eased the transition at the Advisory Board analytics service. Continue Reading