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News 29 July 2014

Hacker and UFO hunter Gary McKinnon launches SEO business

Hacker Gary McKinnon has set up a search engine optimisation business after winning a 10-year battle against extradition to the US Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick Blog Post 17 October 2012

Gary McKinnon's legacy

So Gary McKinnon stays free - for now. At Computer Weekly, we've followed the self-confessed hacker's story for the 10 years it's taken to fight his extradition to the US. Along the way we've seen ... Continue Reading


By Mark Ballard News 05 July 2012

Judge issues ultimatum on Gary McKinnon's health

The High Court has intervened to end a stand-off between the home secretary and Gary McKinnon over the order to have him extradited to face hacking charges in the US. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran News 16 October 2012

Theresa May: Hacker Gary McKinnon to stay in UK

Hacker Gary McKinnon will stay in UK, home secretary Theresa May has told MPs Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 07 September 2012

UK sets deadline to decide fate of UFO hacker Gary McKinnon

The Home Office is to decide by 16 October whether to extradite self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon to the US Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders News 06 December 2011

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon no al-Qaeda mastermind, say MPs

Citing the case of computer hacker Gary McKinnon, MPs have called on government to change the UK-US extradition treaty, which they say is unbalanced. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 16 October 2012

Home secretary Theresa May rules on hacker Gary McKinnon’s US extradition

Home secretary Theresa May is to rule on self-confessed computer hacker Gary McKinnon's extradition to the US Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 18 October 2012

Gary McKinnon decision could be bad news for cyber prosecutions, says lawyer

The UK government’s decision to enable self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon to avoid extradition to face trial for breaking into US government and military computers could set a dangerous precedent Continue Reading


By Faisal Alani Photo Stories 15 December 2009


By Ian Grant News 23 January 2009

Gary McKinnon's lawyer speaks out

On 23 January 2009, Gary McKinnon's attorney released this statement: Continue Reading