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John Swainson, president of Dell Software, argues the case for rethinking datacentres

By Cliff Saran 25 Jun 2015

Having previously worked for Silver Lake, CA and IBM, Swainson now heads the company’s software business Read More

CES 2015: Hands on with the Dell Venue 8 7000

By Clare McDonald 08 Jan 2015

Just a few months after Apple released its ultra-thin iPad Air 2, Dell announced its new Dell Venue 8 7000, the thinnest tablet on the market at 6mm thick. Not only is it thin, it's also incredibly ... Read More

Dell reveals post EMC acquisition management team

By Simon Quicke 02 Mar 2016

Once the deal to acquire EMC is completed Dell will be targeting customers based on enterprise, commercial and consumer & small business categories Read More

Q&A: NetApp’s storage play in the age of cloud

By Aaron Tan 20 Sep 2017

Storage supplier’s Asia-Pacific general manager reveals the changes that are taking place within the company to keep up with the changing tech landscape Read More

Cambridge replaces enterprise storage with direct attach Dell-Lustre setup

By Cliff Saran 17 Jun 2015

Cambridge University uses Dell's MD direct attached storage with Intel’s Lustre to support its data-intensive research programmes Read More

Hong Kong cloud firm tests Excelero NVMe for video analytics

By Antony Adshead 14 Sep 2017

Vivavo runs Excelero NVMesh NVMe storage at claimed near-bare metal performance to support real-time analytics for face and behaviour recognition on CCTV Read More

VMworld 2017: VMware updates software legacy

By Cliff Saran 12 Sep 2017

VMware is beginning to recognise there is life beyond the hypervisor as it announces VMware HCX, which will provide interoperability between private and public cloud Read More

University gets Nutanix for self-serve cloud to replace Red Hat

By Antony Adshead 12 Sep 2017

The University of Reading replaces ageing and difficult-to-manage Red Hat storage with half a petabyte of Nutanix hyper-converged and dodges £1/2 million of VMware costs Read More

Michael Dell: 'Ignore click-baiting cratering media'

By Dave Raffo 19 Feb 2016

Michael Dell and other Dell executives have told employees the $67 billion acquisition of EMC will go through despite reports that his group is having trouble securing financing for the deal. Dell ... Read More

Dell forms IoT unit and launches gateway products

By Alex Scroxton 01 Jun 2015

Dell has cut the ribbon on a new product division focused on creating internet of things systems Read More