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Dell launches new storage OS; and a peep inside the bunker

By Antony Adshead 20 May 2016

In the context of the proposed Dell-EMC purchase, Dell has announced an upgrade to its (Compellent-derived) Storage Center operating system (OS), to version 7. Noteworthy in it is the ability for ... Read More

Spanning Cloud Apps ‘finds a home’ outside Dell EMC

By Sonia Lelii 24 Apr 2017

Dell EMC has sold off another asset after its mega-merger. Dell EMC last week spun out Spanning Cloud Apps to Insight Venture Partners, less than three years after EMC acquired Spanning for its ... Read More

Court to Dell EMC: Nexsan Unity branding gets priority

By Garry Kranz 20 Apr 2017

Nexsan won a court victory over Dell EMC, right in the giant's back yard. A Massachusetts federal district court sided with Nexsan Inc. this week in its trademark dispute with Dell EMC over use of ... Read More

EMC shareholders OK Dell deal

By Dave Raffo 19 Jul 2016

In a near unanimous vote, EMC shareholders today voted to approve the storage giant’s $67 billion merger with Dell. The shareholder vote was considered one of two remaining obstacles to the deal, ... Read More

EMC World 2016: Tucci and Dell vaunt datacentre modernisation

By Brian McKenna 03 May 2016

EMC World 2016 kicks off in Las Vegas, with the supplier vaunting datacentre modernisation, based on software-defined storage, cloud, flash and scale out architecture Read More

Dell deepening support for MSPs

By Simon Quicke 23 Feb 2016

Providing more support for managed service providers is one of the main plans for Dell UK this year Read More

What to expect when Dell acquires EMC

By Bob Plankers 17 Feb 2016

The Dell-EMC merger matters to a lot of enterprise IT organizations, whether it's the storage they buy, their plan for SDN, management software integration or even converged infrastructure choices. Read More

How the Dell EMC acquisition will affect employees and customers

By Brian Kirsch 17 Nov 2016

The Dell EMC acquisition brought together redundant products that were once competitors, which means customers need to keep an eye on changing partnerships and product families. Read More

Dell EMC XtremIO adds speed to Red Sox IT lineup

By Paul Crocetti 03 Apr 2017

A Dell EMC all-flash array knocks a home run for the Boston Red Sox organization, improving management and analytics of ever accumulating data, and speeding performance. Read More