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By Warwick Ashford News 01 September 2016

More IoT botnets connected to DDoS attacks

Security researchers have found another botnet operation exploiting internet of things devices to carry out powerful distributed denial of service attacks, prompting calls for IoT device makers to improve security Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 24 August 2016

UK second only to US in DDoS attacks

Distributed denial of service attacks on UK organisations have eased from a peak in the fourth quarter of 2015, but the UK remains the world’s second most targeted country Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 19 July 2016

DDoS attack size up 73% from 2015

Distributed denial of service attacks continue to be popular with attackers, increasing in size, complexity and frequency in the first half of 2016, according to the latest global report by Arbor Networks Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 03 August 2016

DDoS attack disrupts 123 Reg services despite DDoS protection

UK domain name and hosting service hit by distributed denial of service attack, underling the importance of adequate mitigation systems Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 02 August 2016

Linux botnets on the rise, says Kaspersky DDoS report

DDoS attack data collected by Kaspersky Lab shows a greater proportion of attacks are coming from hijacked Linux servers and attacks are tending to last longer Continue Reading


By Ed Moyle Tip 10 August 2016

DDoS mitigation services: What to consider before implementation

Before implementing DDoS mitigation services, there are a few things enterprises should consider. Expert Ed Moyle discusses the steps to take to improve security. Continue Reading


Essential Guide 21 July 2016

How to attack DDoS threats with a solid defense plan

An anti-DDoS program requires solid understanding of the threat and a clearly thought-out strategy. This guide will help you launch your DDoS defenses. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Tip 14 July 2016

Create a cloud DDoS protection plan

Hackers don't just steal data; they can also crash applications with spam requests and traffic. Protect your cloud against DDoS attacks by employing these tools and techniques. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford News 23 May 2016

DDoS attacks openly on offer for $5 an hour, researchers discover

DDoS attacks have become a commodity, and are available openly on professional services online marketplaces for as little as $5 an hour, say security researchers Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Tip 02 September 2016

Planning for an IPv6 attack: DDoS, neighbor discovery threats and more

An IPv6 DDoS attacks are imminent, and your network security tools may not be configured for it. Expert Michael Cobb explains how enterprises can prepare its defenses. Continue Reading