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data: In computing, data is information that has been translated into a form that is efficient for movement or...

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By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 23 May 2017

What is data warehouse automation?

WhereScape is a data warehouse automation firm. But what does that mean? WhereScape is the company name. Data (in its plural form) and datum (in singular) we will take as read. A data warehouse ... Continue Reading


E-Zine 02 May 2017

How to deal with data under GDPR

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we take an in-depth look at GDPR – the new EU General Data Protection Regulation - with only 12 months left for organisations to prepare for significant changes in data management. ... Continue Reading


By Bob Tarzey In Depth 02 May 2017

Dealing with data under GDPR

With the General Data Protection Regulation due to be enforced next year, Computer Weekly looks at how to address the requirements to suit your business Continue Reading


E-Handbook 18 April 2017

Data protection: Not just about personal data and compliance

Despite the focus on data protection, many organisations are still leaving their data wide open for attack through the digital equivalent of leaving the front door open and the windows unlocked from a hacker ... Continue Reading


By Aaron Tan News 18 May 2017

Raising the bar on safety with data analytics

Organisations in Japan and Australia are improving worker safety and reducing bus accidents with data analytics and wearables Continue Reading


By Aaron Tan News 03 May 2017

Singapore to form data science consortium

Led by the National Research Foundation, the academic and research group will spearhead adoption of data analytics among Singaporean companies Continue Reading


By Tim Worstall Opinion 26 May 2017

Understanding the economic value of your personal data

Your personal data is worthless – it's only when it's processed by the Facebooks or Googles of this world that it has business value Continue Reading


By Chris Evans In Depth 23 May 2017

Cloud data portability: Obstacles to it and how to achieve it

Cloud providers are very keen to get your data into their systems but sometimes it can be difficult or costly to move it elsewhere. We look at solutions to cloud portability Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 22 May 2017

MarkLogic 9 targets bitemporal messy data

MarkLogic has hit iteration version 9 of its eponymously named operational & transactional enterprise NoSQL database. What marks this product out is its data integration capabilities i.e. it ... Continue Reading


By Cath Everett In Depth 20 April 2017

How to manage data analytics programmes and teams

Data analytics technology won’t deliver business value by itself – it needs to be deployed, and its users organised to deliver value Continue Reading