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By Aaron Tan Blog Post 28 July 2017

How Singapore’s central bank turns big data into smart data

As a central bank, industry developer and regulator, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) relies on a broad set of transactional, behavioural and social media data to craft policies and drive ... Continue Reading


By Bernt Ostergaard In Depth 24 July 2017

Data management: What does the future hold?

We explore how firms are replacing transactional database management systems with new database architectures Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Blog Post 01 June 2017

The brain as a model for data storage

The future of data storage will not be in the binary switching of electrical cells as in flash storage. It may also not be in magnetism-based potential successors to flash such as Racetrack Memory, ... Continue Reading


By Aaron Tan News 28 July 2017

Singapore to review personal data protection rules

If given the green light, the proposed changes to the Personal Data Protection Act will require organisations to notify the authorities of data breaches Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 25 July 2017

Veritas says GDPR looms, once more unto the (data) breach

Data engineering departments and their corresponding software application development shops have got the message regarding the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by now, right? ... Continue Reading


By Jennifer Baker News 24 July 2017

European Commission calls for free flow of data after Brexit

EC digital leader says EU must avoid “data nationalisation” after the UK leaves – but also warns EU states Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Blog Post 23 May 2017

What is data warehouse automation?

WhereScape is a data warehouse automation firm. But what does that mean? WhereScape is the company name. Data (in its plural form) and datum (in singular) we will take as read. A data warehouse ... Continue Reading


E-Zine 11 July 2017

The data analytics behind the Wimbledon tennis championships

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we find out how the All England Lawn Tennis Club is working with IBM to use data analytics to engage with fans of the Wimbledon championships. We examine whether IT automation will ... Continue Reading


By Chris Evans In Depth 10 July 2017

GDPR brings serious implications for data storage

New European Union data protection regulations put tough requirements on organisations that store “personally identifiable data”. We look at what is needed to achieve compliance Continue Reading


E-Handbook 18 April 2017

Data protection: Not just about personal data and compliance

Despite the focus on data protection, many organisations are still leaving their data wide open for attack through the digital equivalent of leaving the front door open and the windows unlocked from a hacker ... Continue Reading