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By Caroline Donnelly Blog Post 21 September 2016

Google Reviews blows datacentre industry's best kept secrets

Given the sensitive nature of the information server farms house, the datacentre community is never all that keen on revealing the precise location of where their facilities are out of fear of ... Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly News 21 September 2016

Best of VMworld Europe User Awards 2016 open for entries until 30 September

The Best of VMworld Europe User Awards 2016 are now open for entries until 30 September. Read the criteria and find out how to submit your nomination here Continue Reading


By Nick Martin Photo Stories 30 August 2016


Photo Stories 26 May 2016


By Brian McKenna News 02 August 2016

Panama Papers technology shows data journalism at its best

The open source data analytics and visualisation software of the Panama Papers project empowers a new kind of journalism, says the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Continue Reading


In Depth 08 July 2016

Datacentre cooling upgrades: Helping operators decide where best to invest

Upgrading a datacentre cooling system is an expensive undertaking, but should operators stick with what they've always done or try something new? Continue Reading


By Dave Shackleford E-Handbook 07 September 2016

Picking the best CASB for your enterprise

Cloud access security brokers, or CASBs, are either in-house network gateways or security-as-a-service cloud offerings that inspect network traffic destined for the cloud. This guide equips security pros with the ... Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad News 25 April 2016

Government aims to make UK best place to innovate

The government launches a probe into barriers that stifle entrepreneurs, and creates a plan on how to drive innovation in the UK Continue Reading


By Jimmy LeFever In Depth 23 September 2016

Select the best e-procurement software for your company

Some e-procurement software vendors work better for global companies, and some work better for smaller startups. Find out which e-procurement tool fits your company best. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Answer 19 September 2016

Are new cybersecurity products the best investment for enterprises?

Having the latest cybersecurity products isn't always the best way to approach security. Expert Mike O. Villegas explains why and how to deal with pressure to buy new. Continue Reading