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Government recovers £645m for BDUK broadband roll-out

By Alex Scroxton 08 Sep 2017

The government has recovered £645m of funding to be reinvested in future broadband roll-out through a mix of clauses in its BDUK contracts with BT and project savings Read More

BDUK head Chris Townsend to step down

By Alex Scroxton 23 Feb 2017

Government executive Chris Townsend, who oversees the DCMS-run BDUK rural broadband programme, is to step down in April Read More

Gigaclear wins Northamptonshire BDUK contract

By Alex Scroxton 31 Jan 2017

Rural fibre broadband supplier Gigaclear has been awarded a Stage Three BDUK contract covering remote parts of Northamptonshire Read More

BDUK finds more cash for rural broadband

By Alex Scroxton 16 Jun 2016

BDUK has uncovered and hopes to recover £150m of underspend from Phase 1 of the rural broadband roll-out project Read More

BDUK broadband roll-out hits 8,000 homes per million pounds spent

By Alex Scroxton 26 May 2017

The latest government statistics on the progress of the BDUK broadband roll-out has delivered fresh insight into the value for money being offered by the scheme Read More

Gigaclear BDUK broadband roll-out reaches halfway point

By Alex Scroxton 07 Oct 2016

Rural broadband provider Gigaclear hits the halfway mark in its BDUK-backed Fastershire roll-out Read More

BDUK arrives on the Outer Hebrides

By Alex Scroxton 07 Jul 2015

Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband surfaces in Stornoway on the Isle of Harris Read More

Government adds wireless to BDUK consumer voucher scheme

By Alex Scroxton 29 Jan 2016

The government has extended the BDUK consumer broadband voucher programme to cover wireless systems in a few locations, in addition to satellite Read More

Subsidised satellite broadband to fill BDUK connection gap

By Alex Scroxton 08 Dec 2015

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said a satellite broadband service will reach 300,000 properties in remote parts of the UK Read More

Gigaclear extends narrow trenching FTTP broadband dig

By Alex Scroxton 05 Sep 2017

Fibre broadband provider Gigaclear is extending its BDUK dig in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Read More