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March 2006

  • March 03, 2006 03 Mar'06

    Smart phones carve out a big niche

    Smart phones are expected to make up 15% of the global mobile phone market this year, as users adopt wider mobile data services.

  • March 03, 2006 03 Mar'06

    BT drops bid for £1bn courts contract

    BT has pulled out of the contest to run the UK courts IT infrastructure, after previously being seen as a strong contender in a £1bn tendering programme.

  • March 03, 2006 03 Mar'06

    Government to overhaul employment vetting system

    The government has published a bill to consolidate employee checking systems to protect children and vulnerable people, including an on-line scheme to allow parents to check on the suitability of home tutors and nannies.

  • March 03, 2006 03 Mar'06

    Local authorities launch open source advice site

    A website has been launched to help local authorities consider whether to use open source software.

  • March 03, 2006 03 Mar'06

    Alliance promotes open source in public sector

    Around 30 academic institutions, professional organisations, companies and trade groups have formed the OpenDocument Format Alliance, to promote open source document standards in the public sector.

  • March 03, 2006 03 Mar'06

    Microsoft accuses European Commission of colluding with rivals

    Microsoft has accused the European Commission of colluding with its rivals in its response to Microsoft’s efforts to comply with the Commission’s 2004 anti-trust judgement.

  • March 03, 2006 03 Mar'06

    Google fixes Gmail security flaw

    Google has fixed a flaw in its Gmail web e-mail service that could have allowed remote attackers to compromise users’ e-mail accounts. The flaw came to light when a web blogger called “Anthony” highlighted the problem.

  • March 03, 2006 03 Mar'06

    Oracle expands Itanium support

    Oracle is expanding its support for HP’s Itanium-based Unix servers, by delivering a version of its E-Business Suite that will run on the platform.

  • March 02, 2006 02 Mar'06

    Datacentres not matching ambition with performance

    Datawarehouses are becoming more ambitious but not necessarily more successful according to a survey commissioned by the Evaluation Centre.

  • March 02, 2006 02 Mar'06

    Managed hosting firm reports solid performance

    Rackspace Managed Hosting has announced solid growth in its fourth quarter and year-end results for 2005.

  • March 02, 2006 02 Mar'06

    Appro HyperBlade servers get performance recognition

    Appro, a provider of high-performance enterprise computing systems, has announced that Appro HyperBlade Clusters have been recognised as among the world's fastest supercomputers, according to the current TOP500 list of supercomputers.

  • March 02, 2006 02 Mar'06

    New consortium for datacentres

    Greenwoods Communications has joined a number of UK datacentre product and services suppliers to form the Unite Technology Partnership.

  • March 02, 2006 02 Mar'06

    Dell and Cisco team up to explore blade servers

    Dell has enhanced its blade server offerings with the introduction of the Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3030 for the Dell PowerEdge Blade Server Enclosure.

  • March 02, 2006 02 Mar'06

    Trojans offer new online banking threat

    MessageLabs has warned that cyber criminals are surfing into online banks alongside customers to steal their money in response to the increased adoption of stronger authentication.

  • March 02, 2006 02 Mar'06

    RSA launches secure browser solution

    RSA Security has launched a browser toolbar and a hardware token that can electronically sign online transactions. The products are designed to help retailers and financial institutions serve online businesses and consumers.