August 2004

  • August 31, 2004 31 Aug'04

    WinAmp flaw could compromise enterprise security

    Internet users are at risk from a previously undiscovered flaw in the popular WinAmp media player, which attackers are actively...

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    • Why organizations are choosing flash

      User demand of flash storage is growing fast, as design innovation, efficiency, low cost, and storage virtualization drive adoption. Learn why users are choosing flash storage. See More

    • Information in Action: Europe’s Year of Sport

      Data is playing a growing role in many sports for performance measurement, health monitoring, and team dynamics. As Europe’s biggest sporting event of the year – the Euro 2016 football tournament - approaches, we look at how data is playing an increasingly important role in improving sporting performance. See More

    • The key questions to ask when deciding on storage architecture

      A successful digital transformation begins with a solid, scalable storage architecture. Here are some essential questions every CIO should ask when choosing a storage architecture. See More

    • A Roadmap for Managing Data for European Businesses

      New EU rules are being introduced around data protection and the governance of data that is transferred out of the continent. So how can IT leaders tackle the challenges of managing data in the hugely competitive European business environment? See More

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  • August 31, 2004 31 Aug'04

    Dell expands SME desktop services

    Dell has introduced a new suite of desktop support services for small and medium sized businesses designed for companies with...

  • August 31, 2004 31 Aug'04

    California sues Microsoft

    Six California counties and cities on Friday filed a class action lawsuit against Microsoft accusing the software giant of...

  • August 31, 2004 31 Aug'04

    F5 traffic manager get a boost

    F5 Networks' next generation of Big-IP software platform will pack traffic compression, DOS (denial-of-service) attack protection...

  • August 31, 2004 31 Aug'04

    Users should delay Linux move, analysts advise

    The Yankee Group's latest survey shows that only 4% of Unix users and 10% of Windows users have any desire to switch to Linux,...

  • August 31, 2004 31 Aug'04

    Intel 65-nanometer chip to use less power

    Intel's 65-nanometer process technology will not be very different from its 90-nanometer process technology, which should help...