November 2000

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    ASPs bitten by ferocious market

    Nick Huber

    Four in 10 IT directors cannot list the main business benefits of using an application service provider (ASP), according to...

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    Economics of 3G may not add up, says i-Mode

    NTT DoCoMo - the provider of the always-on mobile Internet service that has taken Japan by storm - has warned there may be too little revenue from third...

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    Study shows management is key to IT project success

    Full user involvement, professional project and change management, and commitment from the top are the keys to IT success highlighted by a new BCS report...

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    Snap turns NAS servers into Java appliances

    Storage company Snap Appliances, a spin-off from Quantum, has announced plans to transform its network attached storage (NAS) servers into specialised Java...

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    Law firm's life-line to start-up failures

    Joy Macknight

    Tarlo Lyons, a City-based technology and communications law firm, is launching a specialist Corporate Recovery Group to rescue...

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    Bluetooth could interfere with Lans

    Users considering the implementation of Bluetooth wireless personal area networks (WPans) into environments containing wireless local area networks (WLans)...

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    Paper-thin screens will hit the market next year

    The latest digital display from Canon promises to make screens almost paper thin, writes Eric Doyle.

    Last week, the company demonstrated a...

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    NHS minister backs XML

    Antony Adshead

    Health minister Gisela Stuart told the NHS Information Authority's first national conference this week that £1bn of...

  • November 29, 2000 29 Nov'00

    Sun auctions its server hardware

    Eric Doyle

    Sun Microsystems is trialling auction sales of its server hardware in the UK following successful tests in the US.





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