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  • M2 rolls out managed print ecommerce site

    SCC owned managed print specialist M2 has stepped up its efforts to get more channel players selling services to customers.

    The firm has launched an ecommerce


  • DataCentred episode revives 2e2 lessons

    The collapse into administration of DataCentred has reminded some in the channel of 2e2 and the need for customers to reduce exposure to one supplier

  • B2B data growth a channel opportunity

    The growth in the private data being exchanged between businesses is not only outpacing the public web but is providing a major opportunity for the channel.

    The size of the amount of information


  • Voice and video good places to look for AI and M2M revenues

    The channel has heard plenty of predictions for AI and M2M and the examples of where those techs could deliver revenues are starting to emerge

  • Tech Data extends C2FO relationship

    Tech Data has extended its relationship with C2FO to ensure it can settle its bills with vendors quickly to ensure it triggers the benefits of being a prompt payer.

    The two firms have been


  • Security angle could open up M2M sales

    There has been plenty of talk about machine to machine technology growing and taking over some of the automated processes that might be better suited being dealt with without a human element.


  • Adept4 cuts pre-tax losses as cloud services grow

    Managed services player Adept4 has seen pre-tax losses narrow as its efforts to restructure the business have started to bear fruit.

    The firm delivered £0.8m in pre-tax losses for the year


  • Why the UK’s Industrial Strategy needs the channel

    The UK government’s new, eagerly awaited, industrial strategy was released hot on the heels of big promises in the Chancellor’s budget, which detailed a £75m investment into AI, and


  • GNR signs up Kaspersky Lab to bolster software portfolio

    GNR has expanded its software portfolio after sealing its first signing of 2018 with cyber security specialist Kaspersky Lab joining the fold.

    The distributor has been steadily growing its portfolio


  • CompTIA: IT world has to respond to the costs of automation

    AI, automation and M2M learning is all very topical but it could well costs lots of people their jobs and the IT world needs to be part of the solution to that situation

  • Top ten channel technologies of 2017

    Most of the year was spent with channel voices raising the volume over potential growth areas. As a result plenty of the IT discussed in 2017 is still in its early stages and is set for more growth


  • MFPs and inkjet driving UK printer sales

    An analysis of how Q2 went across EMEA from Context has indicated that multi function printers are in strong demand

  • Top 10 channel stories of 2017

    The last 12 months have been a time of unprecedented change on the political, economic and technology fronts. It has become almost impossible to avoid talking of Brexit, Trump or getting caught up in


  • In pursuit of agility: empowering the citizen integrator

    The heat is on for today’s organisations to get ‘agile’. To react quickly, to keep pace with dynamic customer demands, to gain an edge in disrupted markets. Technology is one means


  • Now the time to start to retrain those in AI threatened roles

    The IT industry will have to play a role coming up with an answer for those impacted by the job losses that will come as a result of automation and AI.



  • ANS bolsters app skills with Webantic buy

    Cloud services player ANS Group has taken steps to ensure it has more application development capacity with the acquisition of Webantic.

    The move to pick up Webantic ensures that the firm will


  • Epson pumping the prospects for the inkjet market

    The printer world is one that often features opposing technologies with customers being encouraged to adopt the latest innovations and leave fading alternatives.

    The oldest contest is between


  • Avnet Technology Solutions help swell Tech Data sales

    The acquisition of Avnet Technology Solutions (ATS) has given Tech Data's sales a significant boost with the distributor delivering solid third quarter numbers.

    Net sales of $9.1bn were up by


  • Just six months left on the GDPR countdown clock

    This weekend marks the moment the countdown to the arrival of GDPR hits just six months to go and the pressure on customers ramps up even further.

    There have been plenty of opinions shared about


  • Russian sale hits Insight EMEA numbers

    The sale of the Russian business knocked the EMEA numbers for Insight but there were some benefits of fluctuating currency rates as the channel player reported its third quarter numbers.