A guide to application performance management

A guide to application performance management

Focusing on monitoring and managing the performance/availability of applications, this guide offers news articles, tips and advice on application performance management.

Application monitoring solutions are designed to aid your organisation in detecting and resolving issues with application performance, before they affect your end users.

Focusing on monitoring and managing the performance/availability of applications, this guide offers news articles, tips and advice. This guide includes topics such as the speed of transactions, networking issues, workflow and related tools for performance detection and diagnosis.

Table of contents:

What is application performance management?

Application performance management (APM) is a discipline within systems management. It focuses on the monitoring and availability of software applications. APM looks at how fast transactions are completed for an end user or how fast information is delivered to the end user, via a particular network or web services infrastructure.

Application performance management news and tips

Application management tools and the cloud
Find out considerations for decision makers when it comes to evaluating APM tools for cloud-based applications.

Which application performance management tools for the cloud?
With so many application management tools available, how do you know which one is best for you?

Network management and application performance
IT teams are seeking more application-aware monitoring tools, now that networks are being measured by application performance.

Agile clouds are needed for application performance success
Seamless application performance management needs agile cloud networks, according to this networking expert.

Agile clouds are needed for avoiding the network application monitoring nightmare
Network application performance management means the use of several monitoring tools at once – make sure this doesn’t turn into a management nightmare.

Focusing on application performance management instead of uptime: WAN management
Find out why WAN managers should looks past Layer 3 and instead provide WAN application performance management.

10 insights into cloud application performance management
Learn the ins and outs of cloud application performance management.

Who needs application performance management?
Organisations that are accountable for the uptime of their applications could benefit from application performance management solutions for their core applications.

How to boost mobile application performance through network testing
In this tip learn how to ensure robust end-to-end testing of mobile applications, in order to boost application performance.

Application performance management quiz

Quiz your application performance management knowledge
Test your knowledge of application performance management in agile, application lifecycle management and cloud environments.

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