A beginners guide to virtualisation

A beginner's guide to virtualisation

Find out technical tips and news on virtualisation. Everything you need to know from virtual storage, networking and security to data management.

You would be hard pushed to find someone in the IT sector that hasn’t heard of the word ‘virtualisation’ by now. However, just because it is a hot topic and regularly used buzzword doesn’t mean that everyone is a pro on the subject.

For those who have only heard of the word ‘virtualisation’ and would like to know more this guide contains information on installation, troubleshooting, configuring, virtual storage, and the different virtualisation technologies available to you.

Table of contents:

What is virtualisation?

There are numerous definitions of virtualisation, however the basic one is that it is an abstraction of physical resources. This means more than one operating system, with its own set of applications, simultaneously running on just one computer. This is what is commonly referred to as server virtualisation. A different type of virtualisation is storage virtualisation, which means you can have many separate storage devices that can be used as one device when virtualised.

Virtualisation technical tips

How to troubleshoot bogus vCenter icons in VMware vSphere 5
Despite VMware introducing a new set of VM icons for vSphere 5, a bug appears to be causing these icons to issue bogus alarms.

How to simplify disaster recovery with VMware Site Recovery Manager
Managing VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) can be tricky if users aren’t aware of how to handle VMware snapshots and the affect that it can have on your backup software.

How to troubleshoot VM performance
Performance and capacity management can be major concerns for virtualisation administrators; however there are certain tools that can help you with troubleshooting.

Can VXLAN and NVGRE solve your cloud network VLAN shortage?
Thousands more VLANs can be created in heavily virtualised environments, with VXLAN and NVGRE. Find out if this can help solve your VLAN shortage.

Top 5 server virtualisation problems
Learn the top five virtualisation problems, with servers, and what you can do to solve them. Issues include backup and recovery, VM sprawl, virtualisation capacity planning, VM installation and becoming a private cloud.

Virtualisation news

New forms of virtual machine storage
Take a look at the virtual machine storage offerings from Nutanix and Tintri and learn what’s different about the way their storage products work.

Data virtualisation is the wave of the future
Analyst Rick Van der Lans tells conference attendees at IRM UK’s ‘Data Management, Information Quality and Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence’ that agility is data virtualisation’s essential point.

Is the data warehousing model of ETL to be eclipsed by data virtualisation?
A need for speed means IT leaders are taking a fresh look at modes of data integration. But does the pressure to be more agile undermine a more considered, longer term approach to integrating data from several sources.

PCI DSS guidance for virtualisation technology
If you’re wondering how to apply best practices from the recently released PCI DSS, to your virtualisation technology then look no further.

VKernel vOPS gets Quest integration earlier than expected
VKernel vOPS now includes vFoglight and vOptimizer. With the new additions just only a few months after the merger, find out what the knee-jerk reaction means for cloud infrastructures.

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