Hormones: Most find it surprisingly difficult to work for a woman...apparently

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I received an email from a male reader, recently, who wanted to air his opinions on female managers.


After letting me know that he thinks an article of mine was "very one-sided" and "sexist" he shared his own views on gender: "What I would tell you about gender is that most people find it surprisingly difficult to work for a woman."


According to this reader four out of five of his female managers have been "aggressive to staff and emotional."


"Not sure why it happens, hormones, or just that people don't retaliate so much with women but a male would never get away with what I've see."


Despite making some comments that I would strongly disagree with, the reader did change his tune and make one very good point - you get good and bad in both genders and that it is down to an individual's character.


I agree with this guy when he says "gender has never made a difference to results."


Do you agree or disagree with this reader? You can join the discussion at our WITsend: Connecting Women in IT LinkedIn Group.


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