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An overdue outbreak of common sense: "Safeguarding your Identity"

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Further to my blog this morning, I have just been given a link to the notice launching the new "Safeguarding Your Identity" strategy. Do read and enjoy. I do hope none of you will then tell me what I have missed and why I should not, for once, unequivocally welcome a Government strategy paper.

Who "owns" your identity and your personal data?

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HMG appears about to admit that federated identity management is inevitable, if only because none of the tribes of Whitehall can agree to use a system controlled by another tribe. Meanwhile 

"It's Ours: why we, not the government, must own our own data" an excellent paper from the Centre for Policy Studies has moved the debate on.   

Digital Britain - charge the Elephant not the dying donkey

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The Digital Britain Report contains much that is to be welcomed and it will be unfortunate if debate focuses on the weakest section: the proposals for funding the roll out of broadband, particularly the levy on the local loop. The Internet advertisers, who will benefit most appear to have got away with paying least.    

Digital Britain: may you be given what you ask for?

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I have not yet read the full Digital Britain report but have found the section I was told to look for but not refernce until after publication. Chapter 7 on Digital Security, Page 197 paragraph 36 is a welcome for the work of the EURIM E-Crime Group. I have a busy time ahead.  

Digital Britain and the Elephant on the Network

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Part of the driving force behind the Digital Britain report is the way in which search engines and social and gaming networks based outside the UK are draining the advertising and content revenues that previously funded every broadcaster and publisher other than the BBC. 

Good practice or legal practice in Data Guardianship

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The mild criticism of the new BCS Personal Data Guardianship Code in the Register reveals the practical need for the code. I believe it is good practice to try to collect and record consent, whether or not it is legally required.   

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