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The Moving Gateway: From "Entitlement" to "Identity" Cards

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The Gateway Zero reviews for project 412 show a moving target. The title changes from "entitlement" to "identity" cards. The status changes from a programme to a single project. The interviewees for the second review no longer include minister, independent consultant or supplier. Instead they include the programme director and eight team members.  

Will the Digital Rights Agency be Britain's most hated?

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DIUS, BEER and DCMS have just issued a joint consultation paper to follow up the suggestion in Digital Britain for a Digital Rights Agency. It is an interesting  idea but, like the Child Support Agency, could end up piggy-in-the-middle between the bitterly irreconcilable. 


Information Incontinence rules the Database State

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The Rowntree Trust report on the Database State is compulsive reading but the obvious knee jerk reaction may well do more harm than good - rather like the take-over of Whitehall's information assurance by CESG in the wake of the leak reports. The objective of good Information Governance is not just to protect data. It is to ensure data that is fit for purpose, when and where needed.  

Subject or Citizen: the G20 "clearance" of London

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Businesses are being advised to reschedule non-essential meetings during the G20 summit because of the expected clashes between over 5,000 police and a coalition of "anarchist" groups. About the same time we will supposedly see the introduction of requirements to register travel plans for those wishing to leave the country.

Cleansing the Augean (ICANN) Stables of Malware distributors

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It is said that only ten registrars issue the domain names used to organise 80% of the world's current malware operations: from the fast-flux hosting of child abuse subscription services to botnet herding, spam, phishing and denial of service attacks  Last week, at a meeting in Mexico, ICANN agreed a 30 day consultation on proposals to amend its Registration Accreditation Agreememts.



DCMS pre-empts Digital Britain after consultation ends

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Lord Carter demonstrates a clear understanding of the obstacles to his vision for Digital Britain, from the lack of risk capital to rebuild our obsolescent local communications infrastructure to the collapse of advertising revenues to support content creation. The announcement of the DCMS implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive shows an equally clear lack of understanding. or does it?

A Surveillance Society - but is anyone watching?

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The publication of the recent House of Lord report , the debate over ill-drafted proposals for data sharing and the consultation over the implementation of the EU Data retention directive have triggerred a rash of press cover on surveillance. The National Audit Office plans to look at value for money in HMG spend on e-crime. The time has come for a similar study into the value of its spend on electronic surveillance.

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