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Two cheers for Lord Carter's Work in Progress

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There were rumours that Lord Carter's Digital Britain Interim report would be postponed because of conflicts between departments and interest groups. Instead he has forced the pace, clearly with the backing of the Prime Minister. That is excellent news, given the importance and urgency of the need for action. Hence the two cheers. The third is, however, reserved because we have yet to fully recover the vision of the previous Govenment.

Obama outlined his Cybersecurity Strategy on Day 2

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The Washington Post has summarised the Cybersecurity elements in the policy document on homeland security posted on the Whitehouse website last Wednesday. I do recommend you read this and then consider the state of play regarding the "vision" or otherwise of the UK and European Governments. 

Speak now or else for-ever hold your pace

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This is to remind you that February 13th is the deadline for inputs to the Identity and Passport Service consultation on the secondary legislation under the Identity Cards Act 2006 that will establish the detailed procedures required to introduce ID cards and in particular for the Critical Workers Identity Card Scheme that is due to start in late 2009. 

Digital Britain: I was delighted to be wrong

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My Christmas day blog on what I expected Lord (Santa) Carter to announce yesterday (at about the time that the Inuit in Sarah Palin's neighbourhood Russian Orthodox church would have celebrated Christmas) was spectacularly wrong. He began the Westminster eForum Digital Britain event by saying that the announcement would not be until the end of the month. He then outlined much farther reaching objectives for that review than I had feared.

Privacy enhancing technologies v. the Surveillance State

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Further to my blog on the Future of DNA Based Security Clearance , the slldes of the presentations at "A Fine Balance", including those used by the Earl of Erroll, are on the Cybersecurity KTN website on their "publications page but the event was not videoed and he was not speaking to a script.

The Top 10 Internet Scams for 2009

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"Rising unemployment and a global recession mean we expect to see a huge increase in e- victims this year" says Jennifer Perry, managing director of www.e-victims.org - a not-for-profit organisation helping victims of e-crime and other online incidents.

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