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Paranoia Rules - who can you trust with your data?

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I have just received an e-mail from "The Excellent Network" on "10 Thinks you didn't know last week" inviting me to click for actions in the coming week. If arrived just after a reference to another data breach at US supermarket chain; I decided not to trust it. I also concluded that my wife was not irrational when she declined to trust the security of our local supermarket.

Should on-line Child Protection be moved offshore?

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It takes a child psychologist to navigate the politics of Whitehall and the Internet and produce, on time, a meaty report whose recommendations will be almost impossible to ignore - despite some painful stings - although I would prefer to call them "therapeutic accupuncture"

Close the E-crime Safe Haven - Blog by The Earl of Erroll

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The authors of the House of Lords Select Committee report on Personal Internet Safety are seeking comment on the Government Response with a view to doing a follow up exercise. The Earl of Erroll, explains why, in this “guest blog”.

Will the last ISP to leave the EU not switch off the Net?

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The news that Yahoo is to move its European Headquarters from London to Geneva, following the location of Google's European Engineering headquarters in Zurich (as opposed to London or Cambridge), confirms the fears I have long expressed over the impact of what is now the Audio-Visual Media Services Directive.

Some Budget goodies on the Skills Front

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The roll out of "Skills Accounts", £60 million for level 3 (the technician level neglected for so long) skills and plans to "trial a new advancement and careers service for adults" indicate that, at long last, government may be beginning to take workforce skills updating seriously.

What am I looking for in the Budget today?

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The Chancellor has very little room for manoeuvre but there are a number of areas where ring-fenced tax breaks would greatly boost the UK ICT sectors and those knowledge industries dependent on its health, generating more revenue, even in the short term, than they cost.

Crosby changes the nature of the ID debate

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No wonder there was such a massive attempt to bury or re-write the Crosby report. The release of his report on the same day that David Davis launched a stinging attack on the lack of priority being given to action on e-Crime entails a major change of rationale as well as of implementation strategy. Don't settle for the press cover. Read the report.

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