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Successful transformation needs more anarchy

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A programme of RIOTS, projects that are "Relevant" and "Interactive" with user "Ownership" and "Trust" and that are "Sustainable" can succeed after Prince 2 has destroyed the will to live ...

The day the Internet Stopped

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On July 4th 2008 the frogmen of the Global Privacy Alliance cut TATnn and Helvetica, removing 80% of currently operational Internet capacity between the United States and Europe. Simultaneously they struck PCn and PACnn, with similar effect on trans-Pacific capability ...

IPR Wars: fighters scrambled - is the truce over?

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"Whitehall gives ISPs piracy deadline" was the Financial Times summary headline for the UK Government's attempt to move the creative industries "from the margins to the mainstream of economic and policy thinking"

Death by Data Protection II: The Empire Strikes Back

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Across the UK we can see unholy alliances of data protection and security consultants, technology salesmen and regulatory lawyers bureaucrats queuing up to "help" Sir Humphrey "protect" our privacy.

How Green is your IT? Are you helping flood the planet?

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The IT Industry is said (Gartner) to be responsible for around 2% of global CO2 emissions, about the same as the airline industry. More-over by 2020 it is predicted that ICT and consumer electronics will consume 45% of domestic power.

I love it when a plan comes together

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Today is "Internet Safety Day" - it also sees the launch of the "Information Security Awareness Forum" - the UK ICT professional bodies coming together to present common and compatible messages to employers and consumers

An Archbishop for the Internet Age

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The speach for which the Archbishop of Canterbury has been attacked goes to the heart of legal and cultural issues that have to be addressed if our globalised, multi-jursidictional, multi- cultural, global information society is to survive, let alone flourish.

User centred like a laser guided bomb in Faluja

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There have been many recent events on the means of improving public sector project success rates but we have known the causes of failure and the pre-conditions for success for over thirty years. And still we make the same old boring mistakes.

Is the Internet fit for life/business critical systems?

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The failure of half the bandwidth to the Middle East and India reminds us just how far the theoretical resilience of the Internet is undermined by the vulnerability of the physical communications networks over which it runs.

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