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The day has come BlackBerry fanbois and fangirls! Anyone out there? Come on, there must be someone who is excited about Research in Motion finally launching its BlackBerry 10 software this afternoon?*Tumbleweed*

Ok, all jokes aside, I am grateful that launch day is here. I feel like I have been writing about BB10 for most of my career and it seems an awfully long time ago that I had my five minutes of fame on CNBC talking about the delays.

RIM's CEO, Thorsten Heins, really made his firm the Grolsch of the smartphone world with two episodes of "it's not ready yet," delaying the launch as its rivals brought out market dominating devices like the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III. 

Now after a year in the job, Heins is hoping a global launch and pushing out over-prepared executives - this video is painful, I promise - will ignite the passion of the smartphone buying public and see his company back to the dizzy heights of 90% market share and being a business person's best friend.

I am attending the London launch this afternoon to see the finished product of the operating system and get to grips with the new handsets on offer. Check back here and on the Inspect-a-Gadget blog for more details later today. 

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