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Computer weekly has produced a series of in-depth profiles on leading IT suppliers and consultants, to help IT professionals in their due diligence research.

These in-depth reports  will  bring you up to speed with each organisations place in the market, its product range, its financial performance and the competitive challenges that it faces.

Each report covers:
*Overview of the company
*Analysis of company strengths and weaknesses
*Analysis of the competitive challenges it faces
*Strategy and future direction
*Financial performance
*Analysis of key products
*Place in the market
*Key directors and company contact addresses

The reports, packed with graphs and diagrams, and independently written and researched, are essential reading for any organisation thinking of partnering with a major IT supplier.

You can down load the reports free of charge by signing-up to Computer Weekly:


 CA Technologies





Hewlett Packard






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These are profiles of great IT companies....all are well known & well established companies..may be you can add another well known IT company named CISIN. I saw this company & it is one of the most promising IT company. Thanks.

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