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Andrea Di Maio, vice president at Gartner, says that by 2012 "one in five government processes will rely on "crowdsourced" data".
He says CIOs will need to handle a shift from providing information, to gathering and managing information that their constituents collect and provide.

"As Government 2.0, shared-service and cloud computing initiatives become more mature and gain greater attention, government business and IT leaders must be ready to address their critical success factors," he said. 

"For government 2.0, they must tackle the current 'asymmetry' of information management, shifting their focus from providing information to constituents, to gathering and managing information that constituents themselves collect and provide.

"For shared services, they need to evolve governance models to more effectively engage their clients. Finally, they need to look at cloud computing alternatives as part of a continuum of delivery and acquisition models."

By 2013, he says, more than 60 per cent of existing IT shared services that do not revise their current governance model will not be able to achieve the benefits expected in the business case.

"In 2010 IT leaders in government organisations will have to strike the balance between first, continuing and, in some cases, increasing budget pressures and calls for greater efficiency, second the emergence of new behavioural patterns that characterise how citizens and other stakeholders access, use and create information and third, the calls for more-open and participative government."

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