Ukrainian IT industry calls on new government to invest time and money in it, despite troubles

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With all that is happening in the Ukraine it is easy to forget that the country has international businesses that need some of the government's attention.

A contact of mine, Sam Kingston, is heading out to Kiev to become COO at IT services firm Ciklum.

He told me that Ciklum CEO, Torben Majgaard, has written an open letter to the new government based in Kiev on behalf of the country's indigenous IT companies, to ask for it to continue to invest in the UT sector despite the political turmoil.

I am waiting to receive the full letter and will go into more detail when I do.

The Ukraine offers highly skilled IT specialists at a low cost for companies looking to develop projects within Europe. But while the honesty of its people appears to be a key selling point, problems of corruption and the social unrest remain. Read this written in 2011: Outsourcing in the Ukraine: benefits and drawbacks

Also read: Report on Central and Eastern European nearshoring.

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