How will HCL cope without its voice?

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HCL's extravagant leader Vineet Nayar  is stepping away from the role of CEO. The man that famously puts employees before customers is moving to become joint managing director until July and vice-chairman after that.

Nayar has been seen as the driving force behind the company's explosive growth. His no holds barred style has seen him become a minor celebrity.

He famously dances and swears his way through company presentations and even said sh** on BBC radio 4. But jokes aside he is recognised globally for his methods. Notably his Employees First Customers Second strategy.

How will HCL get on without him behind the wheel? He transformed HCL from an also ran amongst India's IT sector to India's fourth largest IT service provider. He took the headcount from 30,000 to 90,000 and the company sells over $4bn in services every year.

Vineet was certainly popular with staff if his Twitter account is any reflection. Read it here, but I warn you that you might vomit.

HCL appointed Anant Gupta as CEO.

What do Google and Apple have in common with HCL and Cognizant?

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HCL - will suffer. No other Indian offshore provider has an CEO with that extra something that bridges important gaps in culture, aspirations and delivery.

Vineet was the cement between the client exec and the delivery organisation, so vital to ensure continuity and any service contract.

Above a true leader, HCL will not look and feel the same, but more importantly not ACT the same.


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