What is driving IT services spending in 2013? Survey part two.

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Yesterday I reported the findings of a survey looking at the IT services plans of businesses in Europe and North America. See part one here.

Today in part two, I am revealing the findings of the survey concerning the factors that are deriving IT services spending in the Europe. While 32% said budgets for IT services would not change this year. About 30% said they are increasing IT services budgets while the biggest grout over 37% said they are decreasing the budgets.

What will your IT services budgets be like next year. Europe (137 respondents).

Most those that reduced budgets pointed to economic conditions while the reasons for increasing IT services budgets was more of a mixed bag as you can see below.

Why did you decrease IT services budget?

19.7% said it is to aligning expenditures with economic projection
5.1% said there are no new projects or they  have postponed or delayed projects
2.2% said they have hired staff with skills, so no need for IT Services
2.9% gave another reason

Why did you increase IT services budget?

12.4% because there are new or significantly updated application(s) being rolled out
5.1%  said they need outside expertise they do not currently have
8.8% said they are doing server or infrastructure refresh
7.3% said it is cloud computing or virtualisation related
3.7% gave another reason

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