No surprise shared services are on the Cornwall council agenda

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I blogged earlier about a shared services proposal that is causing friction at Cornwall council. 

Councillors want a confidence vote as they feel the full council is being bypassed on decision that will fundamentally change how the council works.

It is hardly surprising the Cornwall Council is embarking on a shared services journey given the background of its CEO.

I mentioned in an article earlier that CEO Kevin Lavery has worked for BT and Serco in the past.

It seems Lavery, who is responsible for a £1bn budget at Cornwall council, is a bit of an expert on shared services.

He has even written a book: Smart Contracting for Local Government Services: Processes and Experience. It was published in 1999 and claims to "shift the debate away from the politics and rhetoric to the practicalities and realities of contracting."

The synopsis reads: "Privatisation of local government is making headlines throughout the world. Scottsdale, Arizona, contracts for fire protection; Baltimore, to run nine city schools; and Chicago and Philadelphia for a range of services from janitors to recreational facilities. The United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia have arguably gone further than the United States. But much of the debate on contracting has been high on politics, philosophy, and emotion with little attention to practical issues of how to do contracting well. The book shifts the debate away from the politics and rhetoric to the practicalities and realities of contracting."

He joined the council in 2008. I am surprised services have not been outsourced earlier.

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