Local government outsourcing debate hits cinema screens

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The savage cuts on public sector budgets have been controversial to say the least but now that the hits are really beginning to be felt in local government it has gone up a level.Some local authorities are being asked to cut costs by over 30%.

A story about how outsourcing effected the lives of people in Barnet hit a cinema screen in North London.

Outsourcing services, including IT, is one of the main tools at the disposal of councils when they try to cut costs. But when you are cutting local services or passing the delivery on to private companies citizens really feel it. As a result the local councillors feel it.

The recent controversy at Cornwall council which I have blogged extensively about is an example of why outsourcing shouldn't be taken lightly. A planned outsourcing contract led to the sacking of the council leader.

Yesterday a film about the outsourcing strategy of Barnet council was shown in London. The film, Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble, was directed by Charles Honderick and produced by Roger Tichbourne, was screened at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley.

According to this report over 200 people watched the film.

The documentary interviews people about their experiences with consuming outsourced services.

Watch some clips from the film here

Please fill in this questionnaire to give your views on local government outsourcing.

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