Some outsourcing companies deserve a bad name

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Next time your outsourcing supplier visits you just check the car park to see what he or she is driving. If it is a flashy sports car you may want to ask questions.

Outsourcers have a bad name if you ask the average person on the street. Most people associate outsourcing with job losses and they don't think it is a good strategy.
Research from the National Outsourcing association (NOA) recently revealed that most of the general public (80%) don't think that outsourcing adds any value.

The bad name might be a little unfair on many outsourcing firms but not for Thomas Scragg, yes his real name, who used several payroll companies, which dealt with construction work, to collect PAYE payments but did not pass them to HMRC. The money was passed to another group of payroll companies.

56 year old Scragg, from Hockley Heath, and his accomplices. managed to buy expensive cars and all the trimmings of a millionaire's lifestyle. This was his downfall when people reported that his lifestyle was not in keeping with his status. He was jailed for a total of 17 years which is one of the longest sentences in UK criminal history for fraud.

Here is the blog by Burnt-Oak Partners, where I saw the story . And here is a news report by the BBC .

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