Outsourced and insourced applications are of the same quality and there is no difference between onshore and offshore

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I wrote an article today about research from Cast Software.

Using automated analysis tools the company's second annual Appmarq study measured the structural quality of 686 IT applications from 145 companies from across sectors.

It looked at about 320 million lines of code in development environments including Cobolt, Java, J2EE and .Net.

I spoke to Bill Curtis who is chief scientist at Cast Software. He is also the co-author of the software development Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

He told me a couple of interesting findings in relation to outsourcing.

He said the survey revealed that there was no difference in quality between applications that have been developed in-house and those where development was outsourced.

He also said there was no difference in quality between applications developed onshore and those developed offshore.

What do you think?

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