Do you think public sector IT work should be carried out in India?

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The government is getting an early taste for the hurdles it faces offshoring jobs to India, or any other low cost location for that matter.

In July Birmingham City Council announced plans to offshore some IT jobs to India as part of its deal with Capita. There was a huge public backlash and the council announced it would re-evaluate its decision.

Today the DWP and its supplier HP are in the news after the Public and Commercial Services union announce industrial action in protest to 200 jobs being sent to Bangalore from Newcastle, Sheffield and Lytham. Workers voted to refuse to co-operate with the process of exporting their work. This is also a significant deal because it will see the personal details of millions of UK citizens being sent for processing in India.

But will the industrial action make any difference? And will Birmingham City Council's re-evaluation lead to a change of heart?

I am interested in getting the views of IT professionals. If you can spare the time please fill in this quick questionnaire.

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